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WHY We Choose IDLife?!

Exactly what your body needs – no more, no less. Stop wasting money on a supplements that are poor quality and don’t contain the ingredients you need.

Here’s why IDLife is best for you.

  • Offers great quality at a very affordable price
  • Customized plan for you, so you’re not taking a generic multivitamin with stuff you don’t need.
  • Convenient strip packets for AM and PM vitamins – that means no more pill bottles will clutter your counters
  • Fills in nutritional gaps in your diet
  • Promotes long-term health
  • Aids in workout recovery and sleep

All recommendations are based on published research and thousands of medical studies. Be sure to click the “Why” links at the end of the Health Assessment on the Recommendations page.

Feel free to contact us with questions or want to receive a free consultation. While ordering, be sure to check “auto-ship” to take advantage of a 10% discount.

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